Are you a preferred repairer? The old “preferred” repairer myth busted.

We are not a preferred repairer, we are an independent accident repair centre with a good relationship with all insurance companies and assessment companies. Did you know that “preferred” or “recommended” repairers usually have agreements in place with insurance companies to provide repairs for a fixed cost, regardless of what it actually costs to repair your vehicle properly? This can mean some repairers feel the need to cut corners to make the job profitable, putting your safety and your vehicle’s resale value at risk.

Furthermore, “preferred” or “recommended” repairers typically are chosen by insurance companies and then told how to repair the vehicle - usually in the most cost-effective way for the insurance company. This can leave the customer and their vehicle worse off. Insurance companies may dictate to their 'preferred' or 'recommended' repairer to repair parts rather than replace them or use second-hand parts over new, or use after market, poor-fitting parts rather than genuine parts.

Over the years, insurance companies have made people believe they have no choice in where to take their car for repairs in an effort to control the cost for their investors. After all, they are multi-billion dollar corporations who have to answer to stakeholders.
At Precision Auto Group, we repair cars with the well-being of the customer and the vehicle in mind, not the insurance company’s pocket. We firmly believe in and support the customer’s right to choose their repairer. If your insurance company does not offer choice of repairer, we can recommend one that can.

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