The Repair Process / How it Works

  • 1.Contact Us
    We will advise you on what the best course of action is, whether it be to lodge an insurance claim or get in touch with the other party’s insurance company. We can do this on your behalf.
  • 2.Drop Off
    If your vehicle is driveable, we will arrange a time for you to come in and inspect the damage. If your vehicle is not driveable, but you have already driven it more than 2 kms from the accident scene, we will send one of our tow trucks to pick it up. If the vehicle is at the accident scene, we will arrange an accident allocated tow truck to pick your vehicle up and bring it to us. We will pay all towing costs, so you aren't out of pocket.
  • 3.Replacement Vehicle
    Time off the road is an inconvenience, we will put you in a replacement car as soon possible. At fault or not, we will have you in a car to get you back on the road sooner. Even if your car is a total loss, we will endeavour you assist you. It's all part of our customer service.
  • 4.Quote & Images
    Our estimators thoroughly inspect the vehicle for damage. Once we've inspected the vehicle, we prepared a detailed estimate and submit it to the relevant insurance company.
  • 5.Book Assessment
    This is the part of the process we cannot always control. We will send the quote as soon as it is completed but the insurance company may not be able to assess the vehicle for up to 2 weeks after they have received the quote. In the meantime, you aren't off the road because you're in one of our replacement vehicles. Typically, depending on the insurance company, the assessment booking is usually 2-4 business days after the insurance company has received the quote.
  • 6.Assessment & Authorisation
    Once the vehicle is assessed, the insurance company will authorise the repairs to your vehicle providing the claim is in order. Once we get the authority, repairs begin to your vehicle. We will keep you updated every step of the way.
  • 7.Repairs & Paint
    The vehicle is stripped, parts are ordered and repairs begin. Most manufacturers have parts on the shelf, however some manufacturers have to import the parts from overseas. Typically if this is the case, it can take 1-3 business weeks. This is all dependent on the make, model and type of part required.
    If there are any delays, we will keep you updated every step of the way. Once repairs are completed, the vehicle is prepared for paint, painted, reassembled, polished, detailed and quality control checked. If the vehicle needs to be taken to the dealer, we will arrange that also.
  • 8.Delivery to the customer
    Our commitment to our customers doesn't end after the vehicle is repaired. We will go over the vehicle with you upon delivery. We can arrange for you to pick the vehicle up or have it delivered free of charge. Any issues, concerns, questions or enquiries will be dealt with professionally and promptly. We provide a lifetime guarantee on all repairs. We will give you a courtesy phone call a few days after collection to ensure that you are happy with the repairs.

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