Free Third Party Recovery Service


Free Third Party Recovery Service

Precision Auto Group works in partnership with a number of Melbourne's top recovery agents, who will act on your behalf to liaise directly with the insurance company of the at fault party.

These agents will organise to have your car independently assessessed, repaired by us and will then chase the at fault insurance company for the cost. Don't worry, if there is a shotfall there is no risk of you being out of pocket a cent.

The service is offered at no cost to you, with no risk of being out of pocket. These recovery agents typically act with senior litigators to ensure your claim is handled professionally and timely. If your vehicle is a total loss, Precision Auto Group and Melbourne Collect can assist with having the vehicle assessed by an independent loss assessor who does not work for the insurance company.

This ensures that your vehicle is valued fairly and reasonably, safeguarding your interest.

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